How to Get Rid of Skunks Without Killing Them

Having skunks around the home is dangerous, regarding health because they are known as the carrier of rabies and other diseases that are harmful to not only humans but also for pets around. Skunks can also attract other insects to your home because they can tear open trash bags that welcome other vermin to your home. Skunks create problems when they decided to stay in your garden because they dig the soil to make them feel comfortable or for the search of insects. 

Ways to get rid of them; There are many ways to get rid of skunks around your area without killing them;

  • They come to your home in search of food; there are pets in almost every house so you need to remove their food bowls and other food sources from the house. 
  • When they come to your yard then they first attack trash bags so you need to use trash bins with a tightly closed lid instead of trash bags. 
  • Their favorite food is insects so if you have any insects infestation around the home then eliminates them because they are an invitation for skunks.
  • In our yards we mostly placed woods around for later use, so we just need to remove them because there are risks of skunks hiding there.
  • There are many openings around so just seal them because maybe skunks crawl there and damage your wires
You can also use skunk repellent and deterrents to get rid of them without killing them. Skunks hate the smell of ammonia, mothballs, and citrus but if you use these odors then make sure to keep it away from the children's approach. If they slide through the holes it's difficult to get them out and their smell is not easy to get rid of, sometimes they lay babies inside, and here start your problematic world then you need to call professionals to get rid of them. You find holes in your yard which are caused by skunks to search for food like insects. 

Skunks attraction;
Skunks are mostly attracted to pet food, garbage, shelter, earthworms, and insects.if you are raising chicken in your garden they attract skunk to your house and they can take out the whole flock of chicken with their eggs and this situation is heart-wrenching for the owner. To get rid of them just simply use skunk repellent and deterrents, if the situation is worse then call professionals.

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